RUHS Clubs

Students join clubs for various reasons, leading to a diverse pool to choose from in RHS. Most active club members generally consist of freshman and sophomores, looking to find their respective niche in school dynamics. Student-based high school organizations offer teenagers a special element in that every person within the club shares a common desire, ability, and/or personality.

Many teenagers join clubs that revolve around their career interest while some teenagers join clubs that offer no academic, organizational, or community benefit. These clubs tend to focus around culture, social dynamics, and self-interest. These clubs look to satisfy the needs and demands of teenagers in each school, based on environment, tradition, and culture.

Finding one that suits your particular personality and interests can add a whole new dimension to your high school years. You can develop lasting friendships and find ways to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to your community.

RHS PTA invites you to shop around and find a club that fits you and your interests.  You’re only in High School once so take advantage of all there is offered and remember, Have Fun!!!

If you sponsor a club or have updated information on a club that you’d like us to post. Please email us at

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