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Rincon PTA Minutes

 Monday April 8th, 2019

Rincon HS Library 

Call to order at 4:00 pm by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Linda Eamick, Lysa Agan-Nabours, and Brandi Edwards

President report: Campus Cleanup went well and will be easy to maintain. Planters will be finished next fall. The plants purchased and donated were in excellent condition and will hold up well. Wind screens were put in place on the tennis courts, the parking bumpers in the North lot were painted, and some requested weeding by Athletics also took place during cleanup. 79 Students attended this year, although last years number were higher, it was a good turn out.  $337.00 was spent for this event and UHS matched this and Athletics donated pizza.

Teachers Appreciation week May 6th to 10th: Although Alyssa Welch was unable to attend our meeting she did extend her excitement for Teachers Appreciation week. Tuesday May 7th, will be pastry day in the library from 8:00 – 9:00 am. UHS teachers have been invited.  Also the Teacher luncheon is Wednesday May 9th from 11:30-12:30 pm.  All Volunteers are to begin set up in the library starting at 11am.

Luncheon Items to be brought by:

Linda- Tortilla chips  Lysa-Lemonade and Dispensers

Laura- Green chili beef and Home Made Salsa  Armida- Tortillas

Juana- Beans and rice  Brandi- Chilaquiles

A submission will begin every month to the “Teachers Value Teachers” of the Rincon’s Teacher of the month starting April 2019 with Mr. Curtis.  Lysa will coordinate this.

First day of the 2019-2020 school year is August 1st 2019 with Registration week June 22nd-26th of 2019

Senior activities: Rincon Student Council will be providing the Senior Breakfast on May 22nd.  Awards will follow in the Auditorium. Graduation day is May 23rd using this year’s theme the “Almighty 19”  Alumni are invited and are free of charge, otherwise $5.00 per person.

Laura will begin generating a list of employers for Students looking for employment and Linda will help to maintain this list to keep it updated.

Adjourn at 4:48 pm

Next meeting, Monday May 13th, 2019 at 4 pm in the Rincon HS Library


Rincon PTA Minutes

 Monday, March 11th, 2019

Rincon HS Library

 Call to order at 4:00 pm by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Linda Eamick, Alissa Welch, Juana Ambrose

President report: Employment Fair was a success, there were 12 employers. Several employers had to cancel at the last minute.  We talked about having an opportunity to apply during lunch at the end of the school year. We would like to invite construction companies, Banner and TMC. Alissa also mentioned she gets requests from students for suggestions on where to apply.  We may do a list for that.

Teachers appreciation week May 6th to 10th: Tuesday May 7th, pastry day in the library from 8:00 – 9:00 am UHS teachers will be invited.  Teacher lunch Wednesday May 9th.

Campus Clean up/ beautification: March 30th from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Miss Hurley will be planting in the east parking lot planters; we will be painting the parking lot bumpers in the North lot, pulling weeds. Miss Welch will advertise for teachers to be there in case they want something to be done in their room.

Senior activities: May 22nd at 8:00 am – breakfast and then the awards

Alumni are invited and free or charge, otherwise $5.00 per person.

Juana will talk to Karen about decorations.

Linda accepted to do the reminders to bring people to the PTA and also agreed to manage the Facebook website.  Armida is still with us and will contact Linda Eamick.

We need T-shirts for freshman academy.  Laura will be ordering these.

Summer school starting on May 30th.


Next meeting,  Monday April 8th, 2019.


Rincon High School

PTA minutes 01/14/2019

Meeting being held in the Library

4:00 pm – Call to order by President Laura Grijalva.  Last meeting minutes were approved Attendees: Laura Grijalva, Brandi Edwards, Karen Garcia, Lysa Nabours, Linda Eamick, Armida Damitz, Alissa Welch and Juana Ambrose.  .

President’s report:

Spring date for Campus Clean UP is schedule for March 30th. We want to work on the east side parking lot: plant bushes, ground covers, shrubs. Will meet with Barbara Hurley.

Career Day: working on getting various employees to do presentation to our seniors in order to motivate them to get their HS diploma; date set up for February 15th.

Secretary Report:

Juana Ambrose, nothing to report.
Treasurer’s report:  Armida Damitz:

As of December 31st, we have a balance of $4529; about $2500.00 belong to Activities Dept.

Principal’s report, Alissa Welch:

Spring Assembly will be February 14th.

Parents conference will be held on February 14th from 4:00-6:00 pm.

10 teachers, 2 administrators and 3 coordinators attended ACT strategy training.

We are requesting for 2 more parents to join our Site Council.

New Business:

We will be voting for our new PTA president and will start on July.

Senior activities:

Sr Sunset to take place on 5/20

Sr breakfast 5/22 followed with activitie4s in the auditorium (8:00-10:00 am)

Who will be in charge of Cafeteria decorations?

Tori Bacal in charge of the scholarships

Student Council will pay for students breakfast but there is a charge of $5.00 for others.

Career Day, February 15th: various employees will do presentations; Costco and Amazon are on board; students should bring their resumes.


Next Meeting March 11th, 2019.



Rincon High School

PTA minutes 12/10/18

Meeting being held in the Library

4:10 pm – Call to order by President Laura Grijalva. Attendees: Laura Grijalva, Brandi Edwards and Juana Ambrose.  Last meeting minutes were approved.

President’s report:

Campus clean up was a success. We need date to clean up during the Spring.

Unable to do any paint because District doesn’t allow it but we cleaned many windows.

Trees were not replanted in front of the café because one is growing up. We need to change the chains in the trees, they are damaging the trees. Juana will talk to James to make that happen. Juana also will water the little tree.

Met with Karen and she set up Remind and Sign-up Genius for parents

Karen has volunteer for the President’s position for next year; voting needs to take place.

Secretary Report:

Miss Welch has sent the blurb to all parents asking for volunteers for the Holiday event. She also sent info to teacher to sign up for PTA so they can participate in the raffle.

Paper goods have been ordered and have volunteers coming on Dec. 19th to help out.

Treasurer’s report:  Treasurer no present

We received a check from Fry’s: $134.00.

Holiday event is coming together.

Menu is set up. Parents have sign up for various items.

Miss Grijalva will bring poinsettias to decorate. We will have the White Elephant, organized by Miss Welch.

Karen Garcia is calling parents to get donations.

Brandy will do the shopping for items we need and will put together a basket for each one of our retirees: Michele and Heidi.

New Business:

President would like to have a meeting with counselor to present the idea of Career-Job Presentation in February. This is with the hopes to encourage more students to graduate and to build vocational skills. RHS successful graduates will be invited.

EEF can be contacted for students who need to take online or agave classes that need to be paid.

Senior activities need to be planned

Adjourn at 5:00 pm

Next Meeting, 4 pm in the library Jan 14, 2018


Rincon PTA Minutes

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018 4:30 pm

Rincon HS Assistant Principal’s office

Call to order at 4:45 pm by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Brandy Edwards, Armida Damitz and Juana Ambrose.  Met at Mr. Madrid’s office.

Special meeting held to approve financial review and SOA by laws.

Membership was reviewed; elected officers and forms from last year are being used.  There were corrections and editions made; officers need to be trained. Training can be done online.

By laws were received and accepted by the attendees.

Annual financial review: PTA has about $6000.00 but $2000.00 belong to the Athletic Department. Several payments need to be made. Inflatables rented for the 60th Birthday-Bash have been paid; waiting for invoices.

Financial review was approved by the attendees

Discussion regarding “Campus Clean up”.

Tentative dates: November 10th, November 17th, or December 8th.

Idea of having meetings through emails was discussed.

Attendees gave ideas to replace our president, Laura Grijalva; would like to consider Mea Fajardo or Karen Garcia.

Next Meeting October 29th.  Adjourn at 5:00 pm


PTA Agenda for 9/10/18

Meeting being held in the Library

4:00 – Call to order.  Approve last meeting minutes.

President’s report – Laura Grijalva –  977-0494

60th Birthday bash in the works for Sept. 22, 2018, 4-9 pm

Details so far are attached.

Secretary report – Juana Ambrose

Treasurers’ report – Armida Damitz –

Bank balance –

Principal’s report – Alissa Welch

Fall Campus Clean Up – This has been cancelled.  UHS is having their Homecoming Dance.  We would like to open up more communication with the RHS PTA and UHS PA, as it does not appear there was complete communication.  We will look at dates in November – ideas?

School Council Volunteers? Need 2 more parent volunteers. Meet once a month to determine use of non-designated tax credit funds.

New business.

Next Meeting, 4 pm  October 8 in the library       Adjourn

Rincon PTA Minutes

Monday August 13th, 2018 4:00 pm at Rincon HS Principal’s office

Call to order at 4:02 pm by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Alissa Welch, Brandi Edwards, Lisa Nabours, Mea Han Fajardo, Tori Bacal and Juana Ambrose.  Met at the College and Career Center

Approved last meeting minutes.

Laura Grijalva – report:  B-day Bash, Carnival booths, food trucks, entertainment provides by Performing arts: Geddes, Mareena, Marchant as well as Bill Ball.

We will have shaded areas, inflatables for young kids; wrist band?

Security needed, hire A-Team and Campus monitors.

Happy Hour at the Viscount Hotel.

Stuco will get games from Catalina HS

What games will be approved?

How do we handle money?

Fall Campus Clean up – I have asked but nobody has volunteered. Lisa and Brandi would help coordinate. Schedule for Sept. 8th. It was suggested to move it to the 15th, approved by all attendees.

Mea offered to help and coordinate

Secretary report: nothing to report.

Principal’s report:

  • School year had a good start
  • 1100 student enrolled, we have a solid # but would like to be at 1200
  • We had an English vacancy, filled with a UofA teacher in a temp assignment
  • Parking is a problem – we have complains from parents and liability issues but TPD and School district aware of the situation. We have communicated with parents
  • Our Regional Asst. Superintendent is from out of town and has limited TUSD experience.

Armida is working on Facebook and will place the information about the Birthday Bash.

Next Meeting September 10th. Meeting adjourn at 5:07 pm

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Rincon PTA Minutes

Monday July 9th, 2018 4:00 pm at Rincon HS Principal’s office

Call to order at 4:05 pm by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Alissa Welch, Brandi Edwards, Juana Barrios and Juana Ambrose.

Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from previous meeting were not available.

Laura Grijalva – report:  There will be no COSTCO Night this year. RHS 60th Birthday Party committee meeting on July 12th at 2:00 pm. We will not be ordering T-shirts for registrations except for the ones with the hat and boots; she will order them and will be sold for $10.00.

Secretary report: nothing to report.

Treasure’s report – Not present but it is estimated that we have about $3000.00 in the bank. $1000.00 belongs to Athletics.

Principal’s report:

  • Dean of students was hired as a measure of prevention.
  • We were fully staff on June 30th but now we have 3 teaching positions unfilled, English, Spanish and CTE class.
  • Principal will be attending Job Fair this Thursday
  • We have 2 Campus Monitor positions unfilled and a few Ex Ed TA positions unfilled too.
  • Registration will be July 23, 24, 25 and 26. The 27 will be make-up day.

Teachers Welcome Back meal:  July 30th at 10:00 am at the Library; set up by 9:30 am. Burrito type breakfast. Miss Welch will contact couple of parents and ask for help.

Grijalva: eggs, cheese, papas con chorizo, salsa

Brandi: drinks

Juana (s) rice, beans

Welch: pastries

Nina Rojas: fruit

Arci: pastries

60th birthday party:

Ideas for the event such as rent a van to shuttle from Parking to RHS; will ask kids to help to direct traffic. The goal is to make money for the school.  Food trucks will give 15% to PTA; Costco will donate cakes for the cake walk. PTA will be selling water. The event is advertised on social media.

Next Meeting August 13th, . 4 pm T-5 room.  Meeting adjourn at 5:05 pm



Rincon PTA Minutes

Date | time 12/11/2017 4:09 PM| Meeting called to order by Laura Grijalva

In Attendance

Lysa Nabours (Student Council/Dedicated Teacher), Laura Grijalva (PTA President), Brandi Edwards (Secretary), Juana Medina-Ambrose (School Liaison), and Juanita Garcia (Dedicated Parent), Alissa Welch (Principal)

Approval of Minutes

November 2017 minutes approved by all in attendance.

Old Business

$12 Mister Car Wash tickets for sale.  $6 of each sale goes to the student.  Juana has 3 envelopes containing 5 tickets each for students who would like to sell them to put money towards their Senior Trip.  Money needs to be turned in by January 2nd.  Ms. Nabours offers to help assist the sale of the tickets, and will distribute the flyer that Laura has for the tickets.

Chipotle is on slate for 2 nights December 16th and 19th.  50% of the proceeds go to Rincon

149 people participated in campus cleanup.  Tucson Clean and Beautiful has a program where we can get free trees for the campus.  Need to set up meeting between Tucson Clean and Beautiful, facilities management and us to discuss best location and trees for what we would like to see on campus.

Spring Cleanup is tentatively set for April 7, 2018.  Prom is April 21st.

Benchmark Testing this week

On 12/12/17 @ 6pm @ Duffy will be the TUSD governing board meeting to discuss the funding of a study to consider moving Catalina students to Rincon, and moving UHS to the Catalina campus.  The motion to go forward to investigate the move was voted down, and UHS will stay at Rincon and Catalina will stay where they are.

PTA Standing Rules move to accept financial review, and Unified Local Act Bi-laws – Review and Bi-laws unanimously approved

PTA had a go fund me account to assist in the purchase of a lawn mower for the new football field.  A lawnmower was donated, and need ideas as to what to do with the money raised.  One idea is to donate it to purchase health books for Mr. Esperanza’s class.

Senior Trip packets with partial payment are due January 31st.  Packets are available with Juana.  We need 15 students committed to trip by the 31st.

Teacher Luncheon is on December 20th @ 12:30pm we will have giveaways, white elephant, and it will be in the library by the conference room.  UHS has the usual location reserved.  Dennis McEvoy is donating individual desserts from Jason’s Deli.  Arcee is also bringing desserts as well as one of Juana’s friends is doing a tres leches cake.  Need more plates and silverware for luncheon.

Jenifer resigned as Vice President due to the fact that her son is now at a different school.

Brandi and shirt inventory

New Business

Results from Mama’s Hawaiian fundraiser as well as Chipotle

Review T-shirt quantities and the need to order new shirts


Armida (treasurer) Ledger balance $2259

Next Meeting

2/12/2018 @ Principal’s Conference Room



Rincon PTA Minutes

Date | time 11/13/2017 4:10 PM| Meeting called to order by Laura Grijalva

In Attendance

Lysa Nabours (Student Council/Dedicated Teacher), Laura Grijalva (PTA President), Armida Damitz (Treasurer), Brandi Edwards (Secretary), Juana Medina-Ambrose (School Liaison), and Juanita Garcia (Dedicated Parent), Jenifer (Vice President), Anabel

Approval of Minutes

October 2017 minutes approved by all in attendance.

Old Business

Campus Cleanup Report – Class Competition Winners

Jenifer – Bus rental for Senior Trip pricing – Mountain View $4651.

Mister car wash tickets $12.00

Mama’s Hawaiian BBQ results

New Business

Tucson Clean & Beautiful donation of trees for campus

Chipotle December 19th 5 to 9 pm

Snack bar for Soccer & Track & Field

Senior Trip fundraiser meeting Tuesday @3:30pm to start fundraising and sign up interested students.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheon Dec 20th 12:30

Juanita – Tamales

Steve/Laura – Salsa, Calabacitas, Tortillas

Juana – Vegetables, Rice and Beans

Brandi – Mexican Lasagna and a Dessert

Anabel – Mini Chimis


Armida (treasurer) Ledger balance $2259

Rincon PTA Minutes

Date | time 9/11/2017 4:03 PM| Meeting called to order by Laura Grijalva

In Attendance

Lysa Nabours (Student Council/Dedicated Teacher), Veronica (Finance Office), Laura Grijalva (PTA President), Armida Damitz (Treasurer), Brandi Edwards (Secretary), Juana Medina-Ambrose (School Liaison), and Juanita Garcia (Dedicated Parent),

Approval of Minutes

August 2017 minutes approved by all in attendance.

Old Business

Campus Cleanup date changed to Nov 18th due to Rincon Foundation breakfast on Nov 4th. Only request made so far from staff is fencing, and curb markings

2 signups for senior trip

Car wash 9/16 @ coffee times on Speedway and Dodge

$90 wagon for Finance Office approved and second by
Armida and Lysa

New Business

Rincon is looking to participate in the installation of solar panels on campus. Installation company will be Community Meeting on 9/14/17at 4pm in the auditorium to discuss layout, construction timelines, public input, cost, benefits of the solar, and any possible hurdles

Discussed and agreed to replace any trees that are removed due to solar panel install

Car wash for Senior Trip Fundraiser scheduled for 9/30 at Carl’s Jr off Grant and Tanque Verde

Veronica discussed possible ways to raise money for the PTA including Guadalajara Restaurant, Chipotle, and Laura recommended gift wrapping at Park Mall

Discussed ways that alumni should be more involved in school, and ways to include them. Also having foundation recognize alumni and staff members.

Need T-shirt design for Rincon 60-year anniversary


Armida (treasurer) Ledger balance $1976.20

Principal’s Report

Principal Alissa Welch not present

Next Meeting

10/2/2017 @ 4pm in the Library

Minutes taken and submitted by Brandi Edwards


PTA Agenda 8/14/2017

4:00 – Call to order. Approve last meeting minutes.

President’s report – Laura Grijalva –

Successful registration. Need to work to get more participation forms in.

Secretary report – Brandi Edwards

Treasurers’ report – Armida Damitz –

Bank balance –

Principal’s report – Alissa Welch

Teacher/ Staff Appreciation lunch was a great success. Need to have history so we don’t run out of food.

Costco Night August 26, 7-8:30 Costco will donate a ream of paper for each $55 spent.

Need to get the word out electronically. Invitation attached to this email. Volunteers to word at the event. Groups to perform?

Senior trip. Have 2 students signed up, lots of interest. Many rave reviews from last year.

New business.

Next Meeting, 4:00 Sept 11 in east library Adjourn


PTA Agenda for 3/13/17

4:00 – Call to order. Approve last meeting minutes.

President’s report – Laura Grijalva –

Request from Layla Volmer $160 for bus fare for classroom aides

Secretary report – Joan Dawson-Werner –

Senior trip & activities update.

Peter Piper Purple Pizza Party.

Do we want to consider this to be a yearly trip? PTA’s contribution.

Scholarships donated.

Car washes coming up

Treasurers’ report – Armida Damitz –

Senior trip amount?

Campus Clean up was a great success. March 11, 2017. 9 – 12. 171 participants. The campus looks great.

Principal’s report – Alissa Welch

Accreditation review coming up. Request for food of $185.

Freshman night was a success. Many interested parents. Sold several t-shirts. We will be providing t-shirts to Freshman Academy. They will provide us with the count of sizes.

Teacher Appreciation the first week in May. Date for luncheon, May 5. Gifts?

New business.

Arizona Cardinals grant for the football field. What can we do to help? Go Fund Me?

Next Meeting, 4:00 April 10 Adjourn


Rincon PTA Meeting Minutes

February 13, 2017 4:00 p.m. in the Rincon University High School Library

Call to order at 4:07 p.m. by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Please see sign in sheet

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were approved unanimously.

President’s Report: Laura Grijalva

  • Campus clean

Secretary’s Report: Joan Dawson-Werner

  • Senior activities update: Have 13 students signed up for senior trip. Have had students from other schools interested in attending as well as parents. Will continue to advertise. Have looked into the possibility of a smaller bus. Cost would increase by $11.00/per person.
  • Senior Parent meeting scheduled for February 22, 2017 at 4:30 PM on the Westside of the library.

Treasurer’s Report: Armida Damitz

  • Balance as of January 30, 2017 is $2056.63

Principals Report: Alissa Welch, Rincon Principal.

  • Principal not available due to student issue.

New Business

  • Campus clean up will be Saturday, March 11, 2017 from 9-12. This will be a general clean up of the school. We need 1-2 people to do sign in in the cafeteria. Please contact Laura Grijalva. Motioned to donate $300.00 to the campus clean up by Liz Thomas and second by Laura Grijalva. Motioned passed unanimously.
  • Freshman Welcome Night for incoming freshman will be March 1, 2017 at 5PM and PTA will have a table set up in the library.
  • Ordering year t-shirts as well as medium t-shirts with the Rincon logo was discussed. Motioned made to by medium shirts to replace the ones sold and to order 2021 shirts was made by Laura Grijalva and Second by Brandi Edwards.
  • Brandi Edwards to redo the display for PTA merchandise in the finance office.
  • Teacher/Staff appreciation was discussed as to day, theme and time. Friday May 5th was chosen to du a luncheon for both 1st and 2nd lunches. PTA will do small gifts each day for teachers/staff.
  • PTA will have a fundraiser for Senior activities Wednesday, March 15 from 5-7 pm. It will be the Peter Piper Purple Pizza Party. The homeroom class that has the most participants will get a pizza party supplied by Peter Piper Pizza. Flyer will go out to homerooms February 21, 2017.

Old Business

  • None

Next meeting will be March 13, 2017 at 4 p.m. in the Rincon High School Library


Meeting was adjourned at 4:55 pm by Laura Grijalva

Minutes submitted by: Joan Dawson-Werner





Rincon PTA Minutes

Date | time 12/12/2016 4:08 PM| Meeting called to order by Laura Grijalva

In Attendance

Alissa Welch (Rincon Principal), Steve Cota-Robles (Asst. Principal), Liz Thomas (Dedicated Math Teacher), Laura Grijalva (PTA President), Brandi Edwards (Interim Secretary), Juana Medina-Ambrose (School Liaison), and Juanita Garcia (Dedicated Parent) Arce Hanna ( Vice President )

Approval of Minutes

November 2016 minutes approved by all in attendance.

Old Business

Continued conversation about better communication between school and parents, and how to get the word out about the senior trip to Disneyland. Fry’s sign up cancelled for December 10th, not re-scheduled at this time. Unable to sell shirts at basketball games due to the teams selling their own t-shirts. Brandi volunteered to fold the baseball shirts for the Athletic Department.

New Business

Holiday teacher luncheon to be held on 12/21/16 @ 11:30am, volunteers are invited to the luncheon

The luncheon meal will be comprised of chicken corn tamales (Juana & Juanita), Guacamole (Kristi), Green Chile (Laura), Rice (Brandi), and Chicken Enchiladas (Lisa)

The luncheon will be a White Elephant event with a $10 or less, and one gift can only be stolen twice.

Juana will be going to each of the senior math classes to talk about the senior trip to Disneyland.

PTA T-shirts to be sold in the finance office. Brandi to deliver t-shirts, and set up display.

Freshman Orientation is somewhere between 2/6 – 2/10. PTA presence needed to get new parents on board with the PTA.

Freshman class to be somewhere around 320 – 370 students next year.

PTA to sell water at graduation this year

PTA to host Teacher Appreciation week luncheon sometime during May 1st – May 5th

A communication gap between the school and parents is quite a concern, believe part of the problem may be that the principal’s email is not showing what her title is, or what organization she is with. Principal will continue to email parents as needed, as well as make phone calls and include information about how to change their information if what the school has on file is incorrect.


Armida (treasurer) absent for November’s meeting, and therefore there is no budget report.

Principal’s Report

Principal Alissa Welch presented her report

New Business

Principal announced that Freshman Orientation will be in February, sometime between the 6th and 10th.

An estimated 320 – 370 incoming Freshman for the 2017 – 2018 school. Year.

She is working with IT to make sure that all the parent notification information is current, and available to her so that she can communicate efficiently with the parents and students of the school.



Next Meeting

02/13/2017 @ 4pm in the Library

Minutes taken and submitted by Brandi Edwards


Rincon PTA Meeting Minutes

June 21, 2016 4:00 p.m. in the Rincon University High School Library

Call to order at 4:07 p.m. by Laura Grijalva, Rincon PTA President

Attendance: Please see sign in sheet

Approval of Minutes

The minutes were approved with changes unanimously.

President’s Report:

  • Costco Day will be the entire day Wednesday August 31, 2016, 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m. It will be only Rincon and University High Schools. It will all have to be done electronically. People have to have the electronic flyer in their phone. It will be sent out. Liz Thomas to do wish list for teachers.

  • Looking at new ways to increase families signing up their Fry’s card to have money go to the PTA.
  • T-shirts were given out at Freshman Academy. Eggees were donated to Freshman Academy.

Principals Report: Alissa Welch New Rincon Principal.

  • She will send out Costco flyer to all students.
  • Registration will be very similar to past registrations. She will not be present as she will be in mandatory training.
  • Registration will be July 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th from 12:30-3:30
  • September 15, 2016 and February 9, 2017 are set as parent teacher conferences for Rincon High School.
  • She should have district e-mail by next week.

Treasurers Report: Armida Damitz, Rincon PTA Treasurer

Bank balance: $1702.00

$50 Dollars from water sales at Dodge graduation and $200 at Rincon graduation.

Old Business

  • Teachers Luncheon will be August 2, 2016 at 12:00 in the library

New Business

  • Thank you card received from Darla Oliver for the teacher’s lunch in May.
  • Agenda and minutes to be distributed in both English and Spanish Ask TUSD to provide interpreters for our August meeting
  • Need new ways to advertise the PTA meetings


Rincon High School PTA meeting minutes 5/16/2016

Members present: Laura Grijalva, Steve Cota-Robles, Catherine Comstock, Arcie Hanna, Armida Damitz, Dave Damitz, Liz Thomas, Lysa Nabours, Juana Medina Ambrose, Juanita Garcia (Sp name?) , Joan Dawson-Werner

6:00 – Call to order.

President’s report – Laura Grijalva –

Supplies request for Freshman Academy was discussed with a motion to not fund it because there was money in the school budget to get those supplies earlier. Motion made to not fund request by Arcie, 2nd by Armida and motion passed unanimously. There will be money to order supplies used through the school budget after July 1st.

Branda Kazen Requested to give gifts to the 5 teachers and administrators who are retiring. Laura motion to give gift cards to those that re retiring. Motion 2nd by Arcie and motion passed unanimously.

T-shirts for the Freshman Academy have been ordered. Joan will pick them up and deliver them to the school on June 3rd.

A thank you card was given to PTA from Toni Bacall from the college and career center.

It was discussed that if teachers want money from PTA that they should attend the meeting to ask for it. The discussion is tabled until after a review of the bylaws.

Eegee’s for Freshman Academy for June 10 was discussed if they are not being donated then a motion was made by Cathy and 2nd by Arcie to have PTA pay for them.

Principal’s report – Cathy Comstock –

Cathy that year is winding down and that Rincon is fully hired for next school year.

New principal, Alyssa Welch will be at the next PTA meeting.

June will be a busy month on campus with Summer school, Freshman Academy, AP boot camp, 8th grade summer school, UHS is also having BOOST, and Rincon is hosting Summer graduation on June 30th for all TUSD seniors graduating after summer school.

A new athletic director will be announce and will be under UHS.

2nd assistant principal for Rincon may be assigned or interviewed.


Rincon High School PTA Minutes for April 11, 2016

Call to Order: 6:02pm.

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Armida Damitz, Liz Thomas, Kim Spitzer, Karen McCarthy Lee, Joan Dawson-Werner, Juanita Garcia, Juana M. Ambrose, Lysa Nabours-Childree, Cathy Comstock, Steve Cota Robles

President’s Report – Laura Grijalva: Motion to accept minutes – passed. Spirit Sales: sold -shirts at freshman orientation night, made just about $300.00. Campus Clean Up – was on Saturday, April 9th, went well and got some new plants planted and the parking lot on the east side of school got the blocks painted.

Principal’s Report – Cathy Comstock: Testing: finished AzMerit. Second week in May Juniors will be taking the new Civics test. The test in online and students can take it as many times as they need to too pass. Major bulk of school wide testing is basically completed. Cathy thanked the PTA for providing snacks for testing days. 32 days left (as of April 11th PTA meeting)

Secretary Report – Kim Spitzer: Nothing at this time.

Treasurer’s Report – Armida Damitz: completing transfer process from Peter Powers-Lake

New Business:

School Community Partnership Council – SCPC Meeting: Joan Dawson – Werner, who is the SCPC secretary and a parent at Rincon, reported on the parent/leadership meetings. She is happy to report that there is very good communication between parents and district leaders. Meetings are open to the public and child care and interpretation services are available. Good forum and a good place to bring your concerns. April 18th is the next meeting at Tucson High School.

Senior Breakfast: Kim Spitzer and Lysa Nabours-Childree. Wednesday, May 25th from 8am – 9am in the cafeteria. For ALL Rincon Graduating Seniors. TUSD Food Service will be catering the breakfast. Discussion about paid kitchen help and volunteers. Need to make sure that communication is on point with the kitchen staff. Kim will be contacting those parents who have signed up to help volunteer and to bring in food items. We will be decorating the cafeteria on Tuesday, April 24th from 3:30pm – 6pm all are welcome to help.

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2nd – May 6th. Karen McCarthy Lee has been diligently making teacher gifts to be placed in their boxes throughout the week. Thank you Karen!! Teacher Lunch will be served on Friday, May 6th in the east end of the library * It will be a Cinco de Mayo theme but on May 6th. Set up before 11am, Kim Spitzer will send out an invitation to all teachers & staff. Many parents have offered to bring food. * Juanita Garcia – chicken tostada & whole beans, Laura Grijalva – green chili beef, Armida Damitz – refried beans, Joan Dawson – Werner – chips & salsa, Kim Spitzer – vegetarian plate, Karen McCarthy Lee – cheese enchiladas. Liz Thomas will have samples of SPARK – an energy drink on hand for the teachers as well. *** If anyone would like to bring in a dish or dessert for the teacher lunch please bring it to the front office by 10:30am, Friday, May 6th. Thank You!!

Meeting Adjourn – 6:59pm

Last PTA Meeting May 16th @ 6pm. Come meet and welcome the new Rincon High School Principal!!


Minutes from 3-14-16 :

6:00- Call to order. Present Laura Grijalva, Armida Damitz, Juana Ambrose, Juanita Barrios, Liz Thomas, Steve Cota-Robles, Catherine Comstock

Presidents report – Laura Grijalva

Parent Involvement forms will be given out with all enrollment packets.

Campus Clean Up is April 9. Steve Cota-Robles wants to be sure we have some dirt to fill in where he plans to remove rocks that are in the amphitheatre area. There is a possibility that a student could fall and hit their head on the rocks at lunch when they are playing football and soccer. Also requested is 2 more gallons of Graffitti Protectant for the weight room stairways.

Principal’s report – Cathy Comstock

Freshman Academy will be June 6 – 24. PTA will provide a free 2020 T-shirt for each participant and Eegee’s one day. Sign Up will be during Freshman Orientation which is March 30. PTA will be selling T’s on that night as well.

Secretary report – Kim was absent – Karen reported on the Senior Breakfast. They received some donations at the Senior information meeting. We need to confirm that Student Council will be buying the main course. Karen and Kim have several donations of fruit and goodies. They are also working on getting gift cards and baskets for a raffle.

Treasurer’s report – Armida Damitz

Armida has just started. She has finished the required courses and we will notify State of her new position. We will be changing banks to Wells Fargo as it is difficult to go to Bank of Tucson.

It was decided we would not do a Penny Wars. Student Council just did it and only raised $198.

Teacher Appreciation is coming May 2-6.

We will be selling water at the Dodge Graduation and Rincon Graduation on May 24th and 25th.

Next meeting April 11, 6 pm.

Meeting Adjourned 6:45


PTA Agenda for 2/8/16

6:00 – Call to order. Approve last meeting minutes.

President’s report – Laura Grijalva –

Spirit Sales at White Out basketball went well

Membership cards?

Gave Parent Involvement forms to School to include in the Registration Packets

Campus Clean Up Saturday April 9 – 9-12

Principal’s report – Cathy Comstock –

Snack bars update

Freshman Orientation – Date? Sell t’s

Summer Freshman Academy – T’s with class year? Purple $6 White $5 our cost

Secretary report – Kim Spitzer –

Senior Update.

Treasurers’ report – Open – Need new treasurer to fill in through May

Kim, do we have to have one per PTA?

Responsibilities- File monthly membership reports, bank account

Bank balance. Need to pay t-shirt invoices

Membership report.

Future Spirit sales?

Penny Wars – April

3rd period?

Winning class? Spirit items? Pizza party?

May 2-6 Teacher Appreciation –

Monday – Chair Massages


Wednesday luncheon



Sell water at Dodge graduation May 24 –

Sell water at graduation Wed May 25. Armida and Laura

New business:

Need new parents for board next year.


Rincon High School PTA * 1/11/2016 Minutes

Call to order: 6:05pm Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Kim Spitzer, Arcie Hanna, Lysa Nabors, Liz Thomas, Sandra Carranza, Leo Carranza, Karen McCarthy-Lee, Steve Cota-Robles, Cathy Comstock, Peter Powers-Lake, Armida Damitz, Juana Ambrose, Juanita Barrios.

President’s Report – Laura Grijalva: Spirit Gear Sales: Selling at student assembly. Spirit Sale table set up for home basketball game on Jan 22nd. (White out). Food Pantry: Laura spoke with the nurse and got some space in the health office to put food/snacks for those students needing a little more. Students can only get food/snacks from counselors. Teacher Holiday Brunch: Went really well, lots of teacher participation. Lots of food and gift cards donated by parents, Thank You!!

Principal’s Report – Cathy Comstock: Counseling department starting registration for next year, to see what kind of numbers we will have, we could be up to 1200 students next year!! Cannot take any more freshman or juniors for this year, we are capped at 300. Martin Luther King Jr. Basketball Tournament, Rincon will have the 8pm game against Pueblo High School at McKale Center at the University of Arizona. All going well on the Ranch!!

Treasurer’s Report – Peter Powers-Lake: $1139.00 in budget. We had two new members sign up!!!

Secretary’s Report – Kim Spitzer: nothing to report at this time.

New Business:

Penny Wars: – Yearbook is doing it, should be finished by Rodeo Vacation. PTA will do it again in April but by class. Winning class will receive RHS T-Shirts.

Senior Breakfast: Kim Spitzer is heading up the Senior Breakfast Parent Committee. Lots of discussion about food and activities for the breakfast. Junior Honor Guard to help serve breakfast, Rincon Foundation gives pins to the seniors. Kim will be working with Juana Ambrose

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 2nd – 6th, 2016. The PTA is thinking about having a “Relaxing” theme for the teachers this year. Looking into the TUSD Wellness Center for messages and other ideas that we could have at school.

Selling water at Dodge Middle School graduation night being held at Rincon on May 24th, also wanting parent help to sell water at Rincon’s graduation night on May 25th.

Market on the Move: working with JSA, two dates, Jan 30th and April 30th at school.

Meeting Adjourned: 6:55pm * Next Meeting – February 8th in the library.


January 11th 6pm Next Meeting

December 14, 2015 ~ Rincon High School PTA Minutes

Call to Order: 6:04pm Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Armidia Damitz, Kim Spitzer, Cathy Comstock, Steve Cota Robles, Juanita Barrio, Liz Thomas

President’s Report – Laura Grijalva: Motion to approve November 9th minutes, voted on and approved. New T-Shirt Design: Both art teachers had students submit entries for the t-shirt contest, PTA members voted on during this meeting and determined the winning entry to be by Kayla McCleary. Kayla will receive a free t-shirt of her design and the PTA will order a limited quantity to see how the shirts sell. Teacher Holiday Brunch: Friday, December 18th 9-11am in the library. Lots of food being brought in and a drawing for gift cards and raffle items will be held. Teachers who are PTA members will be in a special drawing for two (2) $50 Target gift cards. Kim will create an invitation to give to Juana to send to all teachers.

Principal’s Report – Cathy Comstock: Snack Bars & Common Ground Café: All district snack bars have been closed down by the health department, they must meet and be in compliance with the health department bylaws and guidelines. The Common Grounds Cafe, student run coffee shop in the library has been affected as well as all sports/booster club run snack bars. All groups must get a license, which Cathy has handed out to all faculty and Chip will distribute to all booster clubs. Looking forward to the winter break and gearing up for the second semester.

Treasurer’s Report – Peter Powers Lake: Budget Balance – $985.00 Peter unable to attend the meeting report presented by Laura Grijalva.

Secretary’s Report – Kim Spitzer: nothing to add at this time.

New Business: Senior Breakfast Committee will start holding meetings beginning in January. Kim Spitzer will be point contact. (520-404-8212) First meeting to be held January 11th @ 5:30pm in the library, hopefully parents will stay for the PTA meeting immediately following.

Food Pantry idea: discussed idea/plan of having some type of food pantry for low income students.

Fundraising Ideas: Penny Wars: Held between classes (Freshman – Senior) possibly in 3rd period class, class with the most collected, Kim will get rules, will win t-shirts (new design), will lobby to January to discuss more details. Other ideas were discussed about doing more community involvement such as having an electronic recycling on campus.

Meeting adjourned: 6:55pm

Next Meeting: * January 11, 2016 @ 6pm * in the library!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ PTA Minutes ~ November 9, 2015

Call to Order: 6:04pm.

Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Cathy Comstock, Kim Spitzer, Liz Thomas, Peter Powers-Lake, Arcie Hanna, Juana Ambrose

Minutes from October 14, 2015 voted on and accepted.

President Report- Laura Grijalva: Market on the Move (MOM) update: school would receive only 10% or $1 per person for hosting the event. Also contacted Produce on Wheels (POW), they’re dates are already filled. From a “fundraiser” perspective, the kick back is not very good when considering the time and effort needed to run this event. Although these events bring many benefits to the community by providing and redistributing food, the overall feeling of the PTA is not to move forward with this event at this time. Campus Clean Up update: Great turn out by students and parents, weather was perfect and we got a lot done! Laura asked to be reimbursed $40.00 for mulch that she ordered. Cathy second and request was passed.

Principal Report – Cathy Comstock: JTED Programs: Encourages everyone to become more active and supportive for our JTED programs that we are in danger of losing. Campus Clean Up: She went down to the boys locker room and was absolutely just “blown away” and “appalled” by the conditions that the athletes must endure, it goes far beyond what just paint can cover up. Rincon is in desperate need of an update in that area. Football field is now handicapped assessable and the north gym got a new floor, but it’s time that the locker rooms got a face lift and is asking the district to get involved with it. Positive discussion was brought up about getting UHS involved as a joint effort committee since both schools use the facilities, Cathy said dialogue has begun with Herman House regarding this issue. Overall all going well on the Ranch.

Treasurer Report – Peter Powers-Lake: Budget: currently have $1,207.81.

Secretary Report – Kim Spitzer: nothing to report at this time.

New Business: Duel Volleyball Program: Arcie Hanna had a request from Dual Volleyball, a local youth volleyball league, about renting and using the gym on Sundays for practice. After speaking with the district advisor in this area, it could be run through the PTA and could be used as a way to bring in money for the PTA. A PTA member would need to be on site during the hours open to the league and facilities would need to be available such as the locker room. Lots of discussion regarding time involved, rental fee and having a school administer on site with keys to open the facility. No decision made at this time. Fall Fling: November 13, 2015. Cost is $15 to Choir for a table. Arcie Hanna and Kim Spitzer will sell spirit gear that night.

Teacher Holiday Brunch: Friday, December 18, 2015. 10AM (grading day) *** Need sweets, treats, fruit*** Laura will bring an egg breakfast hot dish, Kim will bring in a roasted potato dish, Arcie will bring in something sweet. Laura has two $50 gift cards to raffle off to teachers (PTA members). Set up in the library east wing.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:07pm.

Next Meeting: Monday, December 14, 2015 * 6pm * RHS Library east wing.

Rincon High School PTA Minutes – October 19, 2015

Call to order: 6:04pm. Attendance: Peter Powers-Lake, Laura Grijalva, Armida Damitz, Juanita Barrios, Arcie Hanna, Diane Drury, Liz Thomas, Cathy Comstock, Steve Cota-Robles, Juana M. Ambrose, Kim Spitzer

President Report – Laura Grijalva: September Minutes voted on and passed. Campus Clean Up: Saturday, October 31st 9-12pm. Sign in sheets for everyone who works, work stations will be posted as to where help is needed i.e. weeding, raking, painting. TUSD will be providing water and sending a paint crew to help with the stairwells. James Baker from TUSD Adapt-A-School will be at the event. Market on the Move: is sponsored by the 3000 Club and works to provide fresh fruit & vegetables to the community. It is a farmer’s market atmosphere and rotates to different location sites in town. Rincon has an opportunity to be a host site for MOM on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning with November 21st. It requires up to 20 volunteers to help set up and to work the tables, and runs from 7am-11am. Host sites keep the $10 donation to get into the MOM event, the $10 gets 60 lbs. of food!! There was A LOT of discussion regarding hosting this event, with the focus being on not having the volunteers needed to help run the site for all the dates needed. A compromise was made to see if we could host an event on Saturday, November 21st and February 20th. Laura will look into this and get back to us at the next PTA meeting. **If anyone is interested in helping with this event, please contact Laura Grijalva at

Secretary Report – Kim Spitzer: Update on State PTA training that each officer had to complete before September 30th. Which we all did!!

Treasurer Report – Peter Powers-Lake: All approved financial budget for 2014/2015. Discussed proposed report for 2015/2016 budget. Laura Grijalva made an amendment to take out the Grijalva Reality Donation which was a onetime deal from the previous year’s budget. All approved and passed the current 2015/2016 budget.

Principal’s Report – Cathy Comstock: State budget cuts for next year will greatly impact our school and students. These cuts will affect our CTE classes such as fire science, auto, yearbook and computers. We need continued funding for CTE!! An open forum meeting being held on October 21st at Catalina High School 7pm with Senator Farley and Bradley. Highest Attendance: Rincon received the “Most Improved” honor for the highest attendance record in the district and will be recognized by the district at the governing board meeting!!! Well Done Students!!! RUHS Marching Band: received a Superior with Distinction plus won the coveted Nunamaker Award at the University of Arizona Band Day held on October 17th. Way to go Band!! Homecoming: Looking forward to Homecoming on Friday, October 23rd – she says with a little giggle!! Winter sports: begin November 2nd for try outs. Volleyball and Swim Team doing great right now!! Because of our numbers between both schools, our sports teams will be competing in 6A Division next year, some teams are trying to petition down. New Coordinator of Security and Facilities – Larry Childreen, welcome!! We should have 8 monitors on campus but have 6, hopefully to be fully staffed by November 2nd. State budget cuts for next year will greatly impact our school!!!

New Business: Arcie Hanna brought up discussion about bringing Duel Volleyball, like Zona, here to Rincon, with practice times being held on Sundays in the gym. Cathy gave her the name of the person in charge of rental space and said it is not issue for PTA. Need one more parent to sit on Site Council.

Meeting Adjoined – 7:25pm



PTA Minutes- September 14, 2015

6:04 to 7:10
6:04 to 7:10

PTA Minutes – August 10, 2015

Call to Order: 6:04pm.
Attendance: Laura Grijalva, Karen McCarthy- Lee, Armida Damitz, Kim Spitzer, Peter Powers-Lake, Sandra Carvanza, Marrisa Carranza, Kim MacAllister, Elizabeth Gooden, Diane Drury, Cathy Comstock, Steve Cota-Robles, Juana M. Ambrose, Juana Garcia, Liz Thomas, Tami Shinn, Lysa Nabours and Alicia Lara. (if I have misspelled your name, please let me know – Kim Spitzer)
President’s Report – Laura Grijalva: July Minutes approved. Teacher Open House “Party”: Tuesday August 11th – tomorrow from 3-5pm, east wing of the library. Kim Spitzer, Karen McCarthy – Lee and Armida Damitz will set up around 2:30pm. Food is needed, if anyone can bring something by that would be greatly appreciated. Laura Grijalva will set up a spirit gear table out by the flag pole off the main office. Costco Night: Saturday August 22nd from 7-9pm at the Grant Road location. Liz Thomas is working on the teachers wish list for that evening. Steve Cota-Robles looking into having the Art Teachers have their classes decorate the bin for that night. Armida Damitz will pick up the bin from Costco. Steve will try to get a hold of the Cheerleading squad to come that night as well. Lots of fun, free food, great evening to shop and support the school. We receive a ream of paper for every $55 spent, must have invitation present which can be found on the PTA website RHSPTA.COM and/or Facebook, copies are also in the front office. We need parent help at the collection bin to take inventory, sort and take to our vehicles, everything must be taken off site that evening. Campus Clean Up: UHS asked for October 24th, date to be discussed and determined by next PTA meeting.
Principal’s Report – Cathy Comstock: Rincon is at 1,200 students with many on the waiting list. Lunch has been very hectic due to new programs being used by TUSD. Hopefully the kinks will get worked out soon and all will be running smoothly. We still have some vacancies to work on being filled, we are shorthanded for being a busy campus. All jobs are posted on the TUSD website, please check it out if interested or know of anyone who might be. Cathy wanted to stress that Steve Cota-Robles is doing a “great job” in all of his jobs that he is doing now on campus. Sun Tran buses still on strike. Opened Tutoring which moved into the library.
Treasurer’s Report – Peter Powers-Lake: $1,595.00 in budget. Received donations from Schwan’s and Culvers and expecting a check from Target very soon.
Secretary’s Report – Kim Spitzer: Nothing to report at this time, just made sure that everyone signed the attendance sheet.
New Business: Spirit Gear Discount: Laura brought up a discussion about parents helping with spirit gear sales, if they should get a discount for helping. Through much discussion Laura made a motion that no discounts given to parents working and selling spirit gear, Armida Damitz second – motion voted on and passed. Kim Spitzer made an amendment to the motion stating that ALL PTA “card” carrying members should receive a 10% discount on spirit sale items. Peter Powers-Lake second – motion voted on and passed. Soda Machine: Discussion was brought up regarding the soda machine sales but Cathy stated that it jeopardizes our free and reduced breakfast/lunch if it is accessible during those hours when food is being served. TUSD Stats page: crashed last spring and was supposed to be up and running but the program is not running as well as it did in the past. Alicia Lara – Spanish: Teacher request for classroom candy that PTA supplied last year.
Meeting Adjourned: 7:10pm **** Next Meeting: September 14th @ 6pm in the Library****
Minutes submitted by Kim Spitzer

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