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Memberships run July 1 through June 30 of each school year. Join now!

Not sure Why you Should Join?
Membership Makes Our Organization and thus Rincon Strong!

Why join the Rincon PTA? The number one reason is to benefit your student . In doing so, you also help your school and become a part of a the voice behind of National PTA and join more than 5 million other people who share your interest in issues affecting children. Everyone—parents, educators, students and other citizens active in their schools and communities—is invited to join our not-for-profit parent association.

What will I (and my student) get out of joining the PTA?

  • GET CONNECTED: There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school and to have direct access to administration.
  • BE HEARD: Share ideas, concerns, and experiences. Student members will get a say on what the group does and can offer the student perspective. If an issue/problem needs attention from the state or national government, any local, district, or state PTA can bring the issue to the attention of the National PTA.
  • LEARN: Education about school policies, state funding, and other issues concerning Vail and TUSD
  • DISCOVER GREAT RESOURCES: The PTA offers a variety of programs designed for parents as well as students.
  • TAP INTO A NETWORK:  PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind.
  • WATCH YOURSELF GROW: By volunteering with your PTSA, you put your skills and hobbies to use for a noble cause—your child and all children in the community.
  • SPEAK UP: PTA can be a way for you to more effectively suggest change at your child’s school.
  • WITNESS IMPROVEMENT:  By getting involved at your child’s school you’ll be part of the solution, helping make positive changes. Local PTAs play an important role in fundraising to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events.
  • BE A ROLE MODEL: By becoming a PTA member, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on them and their education. Studies have shown that students with parents involved in their education get better grades, have less discipline issues, and feel more engaged in their education.
  • ENJOY BENEFITS. Membership in a local unit makes you part of National PTA. Individuals and local units can take advantage of a host of benefits from PTA membership including discounts and offers from benefit providers and sponsors,   leadership training, e-newsletters and much more.  To see a full list of benefit providers, click here to go to the national PTA website.

As a PTA member what would I be expected to do?

Your level of involvement is up to you, but here are some of the main things the PTSA hope you will consider:

  • Give your input: Your voice is important to help shape the goals and actions of our PTSA. Feel free to address any concerns you have at meetings.
  • Events and fundraisers: the PTA will assist the school with its community events and may also have community info or spirit events of its own. We may conduct fundraisers throughout the year for projects and improvements at the school and for things like for art supplies, scholarships, teacher grants, computers, field trips, etc. Your donation of time, talent, or money will be welcome to make our goals successful.
  • Commitment: You’ll get the most out of your PTA membership by staying involved. Meetings are scheduled for once-a-month in the evenings and we plan to meet in person in the school library and via Zoom. If you can’t make the meetings, see about getting minutes and try to make it to fundraisers and other PTA events. Subscribe to our newsletter to get info, too.

Dues are $10.00.  (Membership period runs July 1-June 30 each school year.)

Why do I have to pay to be a member of the PTA?

Per our parent PTA bylaws, to be a voting member of PTA and to be counted amongst the members of National PTA, you will be asked to pay membership dues. This nominal amount is not too much for a year’s worth of involvement in your child’s school.

** PLEASE don’t let dues cost keep you from becoming a member. If you wish to join but are not in a position to pay dues at this time, just let us know be emailing at rhsptapres@ **

Please click the pic below to be directed to the become a member. A paper form is also available in the school office that you can use and submit with a cash or check payment. We can also mail one to you. Just email us at to request one. Thank you!!

The Rincon PTA still needs a couple of executive board officers for the 2022-2023 school year.

Following are the Board positions needing to be filled:


As an elected officer and member of a PTA board, the executive vice president works closely with the president to help run a PTA, attends meetings as requested by the president (including council, district and state PTA meetings if ever needed). Presents a report to the board for any meeting attended on behalf of the president. May head membership activities.


The secretary keeps an accurate record of meetings, which become part of the permanent history of the PTSA. The Secretary also has the responsibility of maintaining/assisting with all PTA correspondence, including communications with members and notifications for meetings.

For only $10 you become a member of Rincon PTA AND National PTA!
(Membership year is July 1 through June 30th)

If you do not wish to sign up and pay online, you can stop by Rincon High School office.

Show Your Student You Support the Education

When parents/guardians are involved in their student’s school, it shows they support their education journey.

Support Your School’s Teachers!

Teachers and staff need to know they are valued and the PTA works to show them them love and appreciation.

Support Public Education!

Your membership supports the legacy of work by PTA to support and fight for what’s good for public schools and its students and families.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much .

Helen Keller

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