Campus Beautification

The Campus Beautification Committee, which is a joint effort between Rincon and University High School, is planning the fall clean up for Oct 21 from 9-12.  We will be trimming trees, hula hoeing and generally cleaning up.  We will need volunteers to work.  We could use people with lopping shears, tree trimmers, perhaps one or 2 that are long handled chainsaws.  Everyone will be sent to an area that is being coordinated by an adult to get the clean up done.  Please bring rakes, hula hoes, etc.

There will be a crew painting in the auditorium entrance.  We are also hopeing to paint the entry doors to the east parking lot and the pillar supports.  For the doors, we need experienced painters, for the pillars, I think anyone can help.  We will need a few people to show up early to set up taping off, etc.

We are hoping to get donations from some of the parents that can’t or don’t want to clean up.  There is a basketball hoop missing from the court by the band room, and some other athletic batting cages, soccer nets, etc, that need repairs.  We will be sending more out on this later.

If you’re interested in becoming involved in the Campus Beautification project, please contact Laura Grijalva Look forward to seeing you there!!!

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